Joyful Journeys is proud to be the official Adams and Broomfield County Santa Shop!  We provide over 2000 children with a full Christmas including presents, games, books, puzzles, stuffed animals, stocking stuffers, clothes, food, hygiene and a full Christmas dinner. 

Recipients of the Adams and Broomfield County Santa Shop are on a referral basis from the government assistance programs and school district community liaisons.

In order to be a returning recipient of the Santa Shop, families must participate in another one of our free or very low cost programs throughout the year to insure each individual is working toward self-sufficiency.  Such programs include our CPR courses, home buyers workshops, financial courses, Love and Logic parenting course, kids tumbling, art, cooking classes and more…..our motto is “teach a man to fish”!

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give”

To sponsor a child for the 2019 holiday season please visit

We have a second list started at

If  you would like to volunteer at the Santa Shop and experience the wonderful feeling of helping others please sign up at